Three Pillars


Healthy Bodies

The rate of child obesity is constantly rising. Adolescents are spending more time eating at fast food restaurants with friends and less time engaging in physical activity. HGSW is challenging these habits to encourage young girls that exercising and practicing a healthy diet are not only essential, but fun too. Each event is designed to provide knowledge on proper nutrition, sustainable living, and exposure to physical activity.

Events such as Fruit and Fitness, Summer Challenge, and National Girls and Women in Sports Day help young girls learn techniques to maintaining a healthy body. Activities include learning how to cook healthy meals and participating in sports with athletes from the University of North Carolina.


Healthy Minds

Maintaining a healthy mind is equally important as a healthy body. HGSW facilitates an atmosphere for young girls to examine situations they encounter at school, home, and public institutions. Events engage in meaningful discussion and group activities to promote confidence and self-esteem.

Events such as Valuing Yourself and Healthy Girls Engineering Change entice young girls to discover their individuality and why is makes them important. Also, girls are encouraged to break away from societal structures and predetermined ideas of the role of the girl in today’s society.



Healthy Relationships

Positive and supportive relationships with people that interact daily (family, teachers, peers, coaches, etc.) are important for all people; and especially girls. Relationships are extremely important for health and there are several studies on biological processes that show the link between relationships and health. Having song relationships can help to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and personal insecurities. Empowering girls to have healthy relationships will result in increased self-confidence, and provide them with the abilities to succeed in areas they otherwise might not have seen as possible.