UNC Chapter Counselors

HGSW Chapter Counselor

As a counselor, your responsibility will be divided into three areas:

HGSW Training Retreat
You will be responsible for attending the mandatory HGSW training retreat in HGSW’s office in Carrboro before the kick-off of the afterschool program in October of each year.

Development & Planning (3-4 hours bi-weekly)
As a counselor, you will be expected to attend (tentative) bi-weekly meetings. Our afterschool programs throughout the semester require a significant amount of planning beforehand. As a counselor you are expected to be involved in the organization of these programs, as well as other areas of development for HGSW. This component of your responsibility as a counselor is an excellent opportunity to explore your personal, professional/academic interests, and develop new skills in those areas.

HGSW Afterschool (1-2 Days Each Week over 8 Weeks per semester)
During HGSW Afterschool you are a leader, mentor, and positive role model for a group of 10-12 girls in one of three grade levels (6th-8th). You are responsible for connecting with and engaging the girls in your group, as well as making sure that HGSW events are a safe, friendly, and positive space for all participants.

You are expected to have a deep understanding of and comfort with the curriculum for each afterschool program. We understand that you will not be able to attend every single afterschool program, and we will coordinate the schedule with our counselors so that your service opportunities best suit your schedule. The instructional component of HGSW afterschool program is taught by counselors using the HGSW curriculum, and all counselors will be trained to teach HGSW’s lessons.

During events, the HGSW staff works as a team. This means that you are expected to be familiar enough with the structure of program to be able to execute your role as a leader with minimal guidance, as well as with proficiency, professionalism, and confidence.