Harlem Middle School Girl Calls for Florida Boycott

HGSW has recently called for middle school students to send blog content that will help to enhance the voices of young girls on digital media. HGSW Founder’s Camille and Rachel McGirt have reached in-house to give this a head start by featuring a community activism post from their adolescent cousins Sydney and Davis Williams, check it out below!


Sydney (13 yrs. old) and Davis Williams (10 yrs. old) are African-American students living in Harlem, NY who have come up with an innovative idea to support the young people impacted by the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Sydney and Davis are asking families at their own school and all across America to boycott going to Disney World, Universal Studios, and other tourist destinations in Florida until the state legislature agrees to the demands of the youth in Parkland. They are also calling for college spring breakers to not go to Florida until the demands of the students in Florida are met. 136 million people travel to Florida and spend 69 billion dollars each year, so a boycott could have severe adverse economic effects if carried out. Sydney’s activism has included contacting Phillip Kim, the Youth Director at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), concerning the potential Florida Boycott (#BoycottFlorida). She has also hosted a phone call with College Democrats (CD) staff to further the idea, and presented it to her school’s leadership.

Within Sydney’s email to Phillip Kim she requested to speak to the leadership of the CD about a possible boycott of Florida for Spring Break 2018. According to her research, Florida is a top destination for college spring breakers and college students spend more than $1 billion on spring break each year. Sydney is calling on families across the country to boycott Disney World, Universal Studios, and other Florida tourist attractions until the state of Florida meets the demands of the Parkland, Florida students.

The photo above, drawn by Sydney, depicts organized chaos, and represents the major dysfunction that we see in our government nationally and locally as it relates to gun control.

This is a great example of young students expressing themselves, serving as activists, and standing up for their inherent beliefs.

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The content above was prepared and accomplished by Sydney and Davis Williams in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Healthy Girls Save the World, Inc. or its affiliates.