Afterschool Program

Afterschool Programs

HGSW coordinates afterschool programs with partnering middle schools. The after-school intervention features five programmatic components—JumpSMART Your Mind, Body Energizer, NM Curriculum Lesson, Physical Activity, and Transforming Relationships—that are implemented in 2-hour sessions once per week for 8-10 weeks per semester. HGSW integrates its 3 pillars—healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy relationships—into the five programmatic components. The curriculum is adapted from New Moves, an NIH funded program which was evaluated and found to be successful by studies in 2001 and 2005.  The primary core component is an all-girls physical education class, supplemented with activities aimed at improving healthy eating habits and self-image, individual counseling, and guest educators. Girls receive a daily lesson on either Be Fit (physical education), Be Fab (social support), or Be Fueled (nutrition education).


Check out the video below to see our girls at Walter G. Byers Middle School in Charlotte, NC make infused water!