Push It to the Limit

This past weekend, I ran in the second 5k of my life. From the time I signed up to the morning of the race, I was completely dreading it. I kept thinking of how badly I was going to do because I hadn’t been training. I was convinced I would hate every second of it and stop running within the first mile. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the race the ENTIRE time I was running it. Yes, there were times of pain and exhaustion, but I genuinely enjoyed myself. Even though my time of a little less than 31 minutes is quite unimpressive to those in the running world, I was proud of myself because I was able to push myself and finish the race.

During the race, I told myself I could do it and that the pain would be worth it. When I crossed the finish line, I felt a sense of accomplishment and a step towards finding the right form of exercise for me. I could have decided to walk at any point in time, but when I felt like I could barely take another step, I would push myself harder and run a little faster. When I felt a pain in my knee, I would convince myself it wasn’t there and refused to let it be my excuse to give up and walk the rest of the way. There were two times that I had to stop and take a few steps to give myself a rest, but I could not let myself just give up. I ran all but maybe 2o steps for the entire race and set a new personal record for fastest time! I could have very easily decided to just walk the race that morning. It was early, I was tired, I felt out of shape, and I was not confident in myself. But I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. To me, this is what working out is all about. It isn’t about looking good in a bikini, impressing that boy with your body, wearing a size 0 jeans, or impressing other people. Accomplishing this goal was all about me proving to myself that I had it in me.

In all that you aim to do, whether it be a health goal, a school goal, or a relationship goal, push yourself to go past what you think you are capable of. Doing this can help raise your confidence in yourself, make you happy, and help you find something you really enjoy.